Custom Workstation for your Business

$1600 Built, delivered, installed and configured

I am often asked to provide quotes for a new or upgraded computer/workstation with the proper specifications and software that will provide the end user with the tools they need to do their work. They do not want to be hindered by incorrect  hardware specifications and they want protection against virus’s, malware and ransom-ware.. I am offering custom built computers with the proper hardware and software for most users.  AutoCAD (Or similar) users please call or email as you will need more powerful hardware. This is a custom built computer using top of the line hardware. Anything can be added or changed. I will deliver, set up, join to the domain and install your line of business applications and printers at no extra cost.

This workstation is for business’s that have a file server. If you will be storing data on this workstation we will need to add $200 for an additional storage hard drive (6 TB).

Hardware Specifications

Aluminium Case: Aluminum cases run cooler which provides longer life. It is also attractive.
AMD Quad-Core CPU
16 GB Memory: Multitask without sluggishness
80 GB Solid State drive: The operating system and programs are installed on this drive. Your programs will open almost instantaneously!
3 TB Hard drive: This will be a hidden/Non accessible drive for backup. Our world class software will backup the operating system, programs and data. In case of a virus, malware, ransom-ware or hardware failure. We can restore your computer in less than an hour.
DVD Drive
Wireless keyboard and MouseWireless Keyboard and Mouse

Dual Computer Monitors2 x 19″ monitors

Included Software

Windows 10 proWindows 10 pro


Microsoft Office Home and BusinessMS Office Home and Business



Acronis Backup Advanced
Adobe reader
Print to PDF
Java Run-time
AVAST Antivirus
Malware-bytes Free (Can be upgraded to Pro version)

I would also be glad to install Linux OS with open source software for a significant cost savings.

Ask about free Open Source quality alternatives to most software including replacements for  MS Office, Outlook, Photoshop, Illustrator, Accounting and much more!

Call or email to order and request changes.